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Track and schedule work orders; manage projects, tasks,
and resources; and, oversee the cost, time, and resources.


Plan for Success

In order to stay competitive in today’s fast-paced market, successful businesses must improve their operational efficiency.

Using software that can bridge the gap between the tools used in the enterprise marketplace and small- and medium-sized businesses is the first step to business success. This will allow you to effectively manage daily operations and use available resources.




Our professional team of software developers and consultants work closely with you to analyze the impact of software on your daily business operations and evaluate how we can improve efficiency.

Our comprehensive report provides detailed overview of the problem areas and our solutions. The result is a custom software solution which puts you in the driver’s seat, improves business workflow efficiency, and removes bottlenecks.

Introducing CANDEV CRM

Candev CRM/Billing System is a cloud-based ERP Software as a Service (SaaS) business management application.

This creative all-in-one software can be used to make intelligent business decisions and increase efficiency by managing projects, tracking leads, generating quotes, creating purchase orders, tracking invoices, and viewing real-time reports on business analysis. This is a fully customizable software that bridges the gap between software. Although, this system is essentially a cloud-based ERP SaaS (Software as a Service), it can also be deployed on-site. Its architecture allows for a complete life cycle development and implementation of business intelligence, based on individual business logic.


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Empower your sales team

Everything you need to improve sales and manage your customers.


Create Sales Quotes

Automate the process of quickly generating quotations in Microsoft Word or PDF formats and easily send and track leads.

Lead Nurturing

Capture new leads, track client communication, add notes, schedule calls, and send personalized emails.

Client Mangement

Track client communication including profiles, notes, multiple store locations, and rates.

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Improve business efficiency

Track and schedule your work orders, projects, tasks, and resources; and, calculate the cost and time spent on each project.


Work Orders

Create and manage work orders, schedule technicians or contractors, and track cost and progress of each task.

Document Management

Save project documents and work orders in one easily accessible location. Attach scanned documents, data sheets schema, and diagrams. Access your project files from anywhere.


Manage inventory, increase accuracy, and automate order processes.

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Manage your accounts receivable

Automate billing and recurring payment services, send friendly reminders, and record payments.


Online Billing

Easily create and email invoices, automatically transfer invoice details from work orders, and calculate individual or group rates for each client.

Record Payments

Automatically record and track payments. Offer your clients the ease of making online payments by using our integrated credit card payment gateway service.

Automated Reminders

Create automated payment reminder rules and eliminate the hassle of manual payment follow up.

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Improve decision-making

Get real-time business analysis reports on sales, projects, and accounting.


Sales Reports

Identify your strongest revenue streams and view the dollar value of closed, rejected, and approved quotes.

Project Reports

Monitor staff performance, analyze real-time progress reports, and eliminate bottlenecks.

Business Analysis

Monitor overall business performance, track key metrics, and make intelligent business decisions.

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Seamlessly integrate data with existing software

Easily export data into any third party system for further in-depth analysis.


Quick Books

Automatically sync your accounts receivable and accounts payable with QuickBooks. Offer your accounting department the freedom to work with the tools they know best.


Export client database, invoices, and reports into Excel with just one click.

Other Accounting Software

Integrate with any popular accounting software application without modifying your internal accounting processes or changing the tools your accounting department is currently using.

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