Are boxed software solutions out dated? What makes the cloud a better option for small businesses?

Why Chose the Cloud Over Traditional Boxed Software Solutions

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In recent years Software as a Service (SAAS) has exploded into the mainstream. More and more companies are opting to offer their software solutions as a SAAS based model instead of traditional boxed software and licenses. Even big players in the software industry, like Adobe and QuickBooks are making the transition to the cloud.  But what are the benefits for the average small to mid-sized business in opting for SAAS?   

Lower up-front Investment
Often the initial licensing fee and set-up expenses for boxed software can be a huge investment, with some CRM software costing in the 10’s of thousands, sometimes even over 6 figures. Subscription based software lowers the initial investment and charges a monthly fee instead. 

Regular Updates
Cloud based software makes updating and debugging much simpler. Having one centralized hosting location means the software provider can easily fix bugs, provide updates and make improvements to safety measures with little interruption to service. This ability for the software constantly be evolving and improving is a huge benefit over boxed solutions where updates are infrequent and time consuming to install. 

No "Trapped” Feeling
Because of the lower initial investment, you are less likely to feel trapped by your financial commitment to the software. A monthly subscription gives you more flexibility to move on if the solution is not right for you and your business. 

No Need for Expensive IT Staff
With a cloud based software solution the software, data and related infrastructure are hosted off-site, and are maintained by the service provider. This reduces the need for small businesses to have in-house 
IT staff, cutting down on staffing expenses. 

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More Security
Many people believe cloud hosting puts your data at greater risk, but in the reality, the opposite is true. Because the software and all data in centralized, the software provider is going to go to extreme measures to ensure your data and the data of other users is safe.  The expense and maintenance of these precautions far exceed what the average small business would implement for any in house server. 

Faster Implementation
Typical boxed software solutions can take years, and a large amount of resources to properly implement. Cloud based solutions are considered "on-demand” and are ready for use almost instantly. That said, time will need to be allotted to allow to properly migrate existing data from your old system, to your new system, though even this process is easier due to the adaptive nature of cloud solutions. 

With technology changing the business landscape constantly, a software solution that can evolve with your business can be an invaluable advantage. Cloud based solutions allow for greater evolution over their stagnant, boxed predecessors, making them the ideal solution for small business that wish to grow and scale. 

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