It can be difficult for technicians on the road to provide constant job status reports, prepare and modify work orders or order parts. The process of phoning/emailing in reports can lead

Save Time Dispatching by Text

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We know that most small business owners are still using manual processes to operate and manage their business. Dispatching jobs is no exception. If you're like many small business owners, your process probably goes something like this:

  1. Sales/service call comes in and sales or admin staff answer and record the details on a piece of paper.
  2. The information is then transferred to some form of digital tool that can help you keep track of your jobs. That might be Saleforce, Accpac, QuickBooks, Sage 300 or even Excel. 
  3. Once the call data is entered, it needs to be discussed or reviewed by with the service manager.
  4. The service manager decides which technician to assign it to, and dispatches the job by manually composing a text, email or making a phone call. 

It’s only a 4-step process and it seems simple enough, so what’s the big deal?
As simple as it may seem, it still takes time. Information needs to be double, or sometimes triple entered, which is not only inefficient but can lead to data entry errors. Not to mention the time commitment required. It may seem like an uncomplicated process, but even if it only takes 10 minutes, It would only take 6 jobs a day a to waste an hour of time on inefficient data entry. 

You are also compromising track-ability by having so many disconnected tools. You are relying on phone calls or texts from busy technicians in order to update the status of jobs. Not to mention the staffing required to make note and process the phone calls and messages coming in from the technicians. A busy service company would require full-time admin staff just to keep the status of jobs up to date on the Whiteboard or the Excel spreadsheet used to track ongoing jobs.

Now imagine this scenario:

  1. Call comes in, you enter the information into a computerized system that allows you to autofill information on existing clients, and even has drop down options to choose from a list of common issues/jobs, allows you to select a technician and dispatches an SMS message with all relevant information required to complete the job.
  2. The technician responds with "ok" to confirm that they have received the dispatched message. This then automatically updates a digital whiteboard showing that job, who it was dispatch to, their location and status of the job. 

That's it. In 2 steps, completed in under 3 minutes you have drastically reduced the margin for error, eliminated the inefficiencies caused by double entries and now have an effective method to monitor outstanding jobs. 

Implementing an SMS dispatching system is a great first step towards automating your business processes to help improve efficiency and reduce errors.

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