Learn more about how a quotation tool can help your business increase efficiency and save time.

4 Ways a Quotation Tool Can Help Your Business

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Creating quotes can be a real headache. They are a monotonous, tedious, time-consuming activity that all sales staff loathe. While there are several great arguments for switching to an automated quotation tool, time is the most relevant. Here are 4 ways a quotation tool will save you time:

1. Automated quotes are faster to produce
Your sales staff are too valuable as customer service agents to spend time on manual quotes. Their time is better spent building and nurturing customer relationships than performing mundane data entry.   Using a quotation tool means your sales staff have more time to spend selling. 

2. Faster turnaround time
Because creating quotes sucks, often it is put off by sales staff. They wait until the end of the day or even the end of the week to get the quote out to the client. This delay might give the client time to look into competitor’s rates, and you may possibly even lose a sale as a result. An automated quotation can be created quickly and easily, cutting down on long delays. 

3. Respect Your Customer’s Time
A faster turnaround doesn’t only mean a faster sales process, it also shows the client that you respect their time. They aren’t waiting and watching their inbox for days growing frustrated or annoyed. They can have a quotation available them within minutes after a sales call, reinforcing that you value their business. 

4. Reduce Training Time
By using automated quotations, you greatly reduce the need for training. The majority of the quotation is auto populated, and only small changes or customizations will need to be made. A good quality quotation program will also enable managers to put rules for approval in place while new staff are in training, reducing client viewed errors. The list of arguments for the use of quotation automation is endless. It simplifies the process, improving efficiency, and saving staff a ton of time. Using a quotation tool is an excellent way to streamline your business process, improving scalability.
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