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Candev Services is an innovative software company that creates dynamic web solutions for entrepreneurs and business owners.
We strive to eliminate the operational challenges commonly encountered by small-and medium-sized businesses.


To develop websites for entrepreneurs and small businesses;
giving them the edge in delivering high customer value without the headache of manually tracking everything.

Our History

Candev started in 2008 using free and open source technology to develop solutions for businesses. As the needs of our customers increased, more tools were required to comprehensively satisfy these requirements. However, the use of multiple sets of disconnected tools became inadequate since, these tools had little in common and were not completely capable of efficiently sharing data across each system.

Over the years, we accumulated invaluable insight, skill, and experience in developing, improving, and customizing software. Now, our innovative and exclusive products afford success to entrepreneurs and business owners by helping them grow their business and engage clients.

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